Brushbox [Tristania conferta]

Flooring, staircase construction, joinery, benchtops.


Brushbox grows in wet range country from central New South Wales to central Queensland.  Until recently, flooring and laminated beams were virtually it’s only applications. Nowadays Bushbox also finds application in sliced veneer, staircase manufacture and to a limited degree, internal joinery. Brushbox varies in colour from a dark pink to reddish brown; its resistance to wear contributes to it being considered an excellent flooring timber. Brushbox, for various reasons is difficult to dry, because of silica content has a dulling effect on cutters and not easy to work. Air-dry density is approximately 900kg/m3.

Sizes generally available are 100/150/200×25 150-300×38 and 150-300×50


Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, New South Wales north, mid and central coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Melbourne.