Northern Silky Oak [ Cardwellia Sublimis]


Often included in the generic “Silky Oak” this species is not to be confused with Southern Silky Oak [Grevillia Robusta]


A traditional and well respected species from North Queensland, Northern Silky Oak has been used for generations in the furniture, shopfitting and joinery industries. Used to a far less degree nowadays it still enjoys a place in traditional furniture, particular church furniture and shopfitting. Of particular interest was quarter sawn timber displaying a very figurative medullary ray, favoured for exposed feature work such as table tops, cupboard doors and coffin sides.


Generally a light brown colour, air-dry density of approximately 550kg/m3. Reasonably easy to work except the quarter sawn my give some chip-out problems. Generally available in 25mm 38mm and 50mm thicknesses . To lesser extent in 75mm and 100mm thickness.


Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, New South Wales north, mid and central coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Melbourne.