Kwila – Merbau  [ Intisia bijuga]

Staircase, joinery, flooring, decking, benchtops screening


Kwila – Merbau is imported from Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia. Some of the Indonesian material is DNA verified, CBFT ex Solomon Islands and VLO material ex PNG and Malaysia.


Kwila enjoys wide application in the house construction industry. Often because of competitive price, always because of its 1 fire rating, Kwila almost monopolises the decking market Australia wide.  Also due to its 1 fire rating, Kwila is gaining prominence as a joinery species in bush fire areas.


Medium to dark brown in colour, easy to work, approximately 850kg/m3 it’s one disadvantage is that it leaches a very dark stain when wet. Available both unseasoned and kiln dried . Sizes range from 40×40 through 300×50 to 200×200 posts.


Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, New South Wales – North, Mid and Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands.