Vitex [Vitex cofassus]

Staircase, joinery, flooring, screening and decking

Some FSC and VLO product out of PNG. Mainly CBFT and Eco product ex Solomon Islands


Vitex has been available on the Australian market for several years initially as air dry material, nowadays more readily available in kiln dry form in 25mm 38mm and 50mm thicknesses.


The timber is an unusual colour, a mix of grey, green and possibly brown. Grey being predominant particularly with ageing. Vitex may have an oily/greasy texture. It is extremely easy to work.  Probably the most popular applications nowadays are as decking, flooring, screening, exterior step-treads and posts.


Durability rating is 3. Air-dry density is approx 700kg/m3. Tangential shrinkage is approx., 4%. The timber does leach a light yellow stain. If Vitex is to be painted, it would probably be best to apply an oil based paint.


Sizes most readily available are 100/150×25  150×38 150×50  100×100 150×150

Vitex is at times marketed as Pacific Teak.


Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, New South Wales north, mid and central coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Melbourne.