White Beech [Gmelina spp]

Boat decks, decks, carving, joinery


The White Beech of the Queensland and New South Wales forests has long since disappeared as a commercial species. White Beech available over recent years has been imported from Solomon Island and Fiji [Rosawa]. The White Beech of Queensland and New South Wales origin is very durable and was often used as boat decks, veranda flooring.  Today the limited availability of even the imported species has almost seen the demise of the species.


White Beech has an oily texture, works extremely easily though may cause gumming-up of cutter blades. It is a dirty white to very pale brown in colour, distinctive smell and weighs approximately 500kg/m3 air-dry density. Limited availability in 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and occasionally 75mm thicknesses.


Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, New South Wales – North, Mid and Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Melbourne